Guidance for Rakuten Travel

Extracted Contract with Member Hotels

This is to confirm the terms and conditions of our agreement whereby you ("the Affiliate") will utilize the hotel reservation system ("Rakuten Travel") via the Internet. In order to avoid any misunderstandings about the contract between the Affiliate and Rakuten Travel, we mutually agree to the following:

The Affiliate shall utilize Rakuten Travel site to offer the Affiliate's accommodations and services ("hotel products") to the Internet users ("the guests") and to receive a reservation via the Internet in return.

(Notification of reservation and cancellation)
Rakuten Travel shall send a notification of a reservation or cancellation made through Rakuten Travel.

Membership in Rakuten Travel is free.

User's Guide
  1. Application and Contract
    1. A guest needs to fill out the online form on the "Booking Request" screen and submit to complete a reservation.
    2. Rakuten Travel does not accept reservations by other means such as telephone, fax, e-mail and so on. If a guest makes a reservation directly to a hotel, it is not considered as the one through Rakuten Travel, therefore Rakuten Travel is not responsible for it.

  2. Application fee
    1. There is no application fee. Rakuten Travel puts priority on an application fee, if any, designated by transportation or accommodations.

  3. Payment
    1. A guest shall pay the hotel room, and service charge and taxes at check-in.
    2. A guest must settle the payment at the time of booking in case of the transportation arrangements.
    3. Rakuten Travel puts priority on other designated ways, if any besides the above.

  4. Cancellation fee
    1. A guest may cancel all or part of the reservation through Rakuten Travel. In this case, we try to meet their needs as much as possible.
    2. If all or part of the reservation is canceled or changed, the cancellation fees shall be subject to a "hotel's cancellation policy".
    3. A guest shall directly contact a hotel to cancel the reservation after its changeable or cancelable period, if the guest cannot cancel it online.

  5. Responsibility and Exemption
    1. Rakuten Travel will be liable for any loss to a guest resulted from any Rakuten Travel's fault and compensate the guest for the loss to the certain extent. The guest is entitled to compensation in case when the guest informs of the loss within one month after it occurred.
    2. Rakuten Travel is not responsible or liable for any damage occurred between the guests and hotels.
    3. The hotel information pages are made based on the information provided by each hotel, and Rakuten Travel is not responsible for its reliability.
    4. Rakuten Travel provides the information infrastructure used between the guests and hotels, but Rakuten Travel is not responsible for any cancellation policy.

  6. Miscellaneous
    1. The rates may not include a consumption tax or service charges depending on hotels. Please carefully take a look at the rates when you make a reservation.
    2. The details of the reservation can be reviewed on Rakuten Travel site or described in a confirmation e-mail.
    3. Each hotel offers its own information and shall be responsible for it.Rakuten Travel is not responsible or liable for all the hotel's information posted on Rakuten Travel site.
    4. If a guest committed a dishonest act such as no-shows, Rakuten Travel will cross the guest off the member list.
    5. Rakuten Travel has the right of final decision in Rakuten Travel site.

Rakuten Travel General Reservation Instructions

How to reserve a hotel room:
  1. Click on "Hotel Search" on the Rakuten Travel home page.
  2. Enter your search criteria (check-in/check-out dates, number of guests and rooms, and so on).
  3. Click "Search Now" to begin search.
  4. Narrow your search. A list of the hotels that meet your criteria will appear.
  5. Select the hotel, room type and rate you like and click on "Information" to access hotel information, and view hotel photos. To make a reservation online, click on "Book Now".
  6. Fill out the booking request form. After the form is completed, click "Complete Reservation".
How to review or cancel a reservation:
  1. Click on "Booking Record & Cancellation" on the Rakuten Travel home page to review or cancel an existing reservation booked through Rakuten Travel.
  2. Enter your booking number and e-mail address, and click on "Display".
  3. Click "Cancel Nights" to cancel one or all nights.
How to cancel a reservation after the cancel deadline:
You cannot cancel or change your reservation online after the cancel deadline. Please call the hotel directly. Rakuten Travel does not accept any cancellation request made by e-mail.

For more information, please contact us.
Rakuten Travel, Inc.